Missed Class Policy

Have you missed some of your classes this term??

Missed classes do not roll over term to term.

However if you have missed your POLE classes this term there are 3 ways to catch up on your missed classes via:

* Any other pole class the same level or lower
* Allocated practice times
* Flex & Tone, Active Flexibility, Simply Splits or Bendy Back

Unfortunately if you are not enrolled in a dance class, you may not catch up your missed skills class for dance.

If you’ve missed on STRETCHING or FLOORWORK classes you may catch up via:-

* Allocated Practice Times
* Active Flexibility, Simply Splits, Bendy Back or Flex & Tone

Unfortunately Stretching classes cannot be caught up with another Pole class.

Please see front desk to sign the “catch up/practice register”!!

Catch up classes cannot be booked in, however you may show up to another class & hope there is a free pole available.

Please DO NOT call or email to book in for a catch up class.
Pilates, Reformer, Barre, Fitness Circuit or Workshops can NOT be used as a catch up class.
Please refer to the PRACTICE TIMES on our Facebook Page.