Pole Plus Class Types

Our teachers follow a strictly developed syllabus, which has been carefully designed with your safety in mind to ensure every pole move is suitable for each level. The syllabus is designed for you to gradually develop your skills & strength safely on the pole.

Our classes are quite small with 1 pole per person so plenty of teacher attention and one-on-one spotting will be given whilst you are attempting a new pole move.

Our teachers are fun and friendly, not to mention you will make some great friends along the way as you meet other students in your class. Our classes are a lot of fun and you will learn how addictive pole dancing can be!  Come and see what the fuss is all about!

On the first week of classes, please arrive at the studio 15 minutes early to finalise your enrolment for the term.

Please bring a yoga mat to class if you are enrolled in Pilates, Conditioning  or Flex & Tone. We also have some mats available for you to borrow if you forget to bring one.

From Intermediate 1 level onwards, the classes have been divided into two classes for each level: Skills Class & Dance Class. Both classes may be taken during the same term.

Pole Plus
Skills Classes

Skills class is where you will learn how to safely get into pole moves & combos suitable for the level in which you are enrolled.

 A new move will be taught every week along with revision of moves. All moves will then be put into combos as you learn how to transition between moves.

Pole Plus
Dance Classes

During the 8 week term you’ll learn a fun routine choreographed by your teacher. The routines are changed every term and cover different dance styles.  At the end of week 8 you will have the opportunity to perform at our End of Term Performance Night.

Performing on the night is not compulsory and it is not required to move up levels.


Pole Plus Class Levels

Pole Plus

This is the very start of your pole journey. Our beginners class is for first timers where you will learn basic fundamental pole moves & floor work throughout the course of 8 weeks, each week learning a different move and incorporating them into a choreographed routine.

Pole Plus
Intermediate 1 Skills

This level is where you’ll start incorporating all your beginner moves into transitional combos. This is also the first time you’ll be upside down on the pole. Learning all of the basics from a Layout, Hello Boys, Carousel & Crucifix.

Pole Plus
Intermediate 2

This level is where you get to hang upside down with 1 hooked leg. Learning all inverted moves on the pole for example: Invert V, Outside Leg Hang, Baby Butterfly, Bent Leg Layback.

Pole Plus
Pre Advanced 1

This level now focuses more on your upper strength, where you will learn to invert aerially, start to hold your body weight upside down in a Static V & in an extended butterfly. Some other moves are extended layback, crescent moon.

Pole Plus
Pre Advanced 2

This level we will focus on our core strength & arm strength to help you transition your pole moves fluidly. EG Jamila to extended butterfly, aerial shoulder mount, Twisty & Split Grip Kick Ups. In this level we will also be focusing on some Flexy moves.

Pole Plus
Pre Advanced 3

This level you will have great degree of flexibility and core/arm strength, we will focus on flexy and strength moves aerially on the pole. Some of the moves are Jade Split, Downward Split, Meat Hook and Aerial Jamilla to Butterfly, Outside & Inside leg cocoons, Aerial Kick Ups.

Pole Plus

In this level you are an absolute pole addict! You are very flexible in your hips and back & are super strong. You will be taught advanced combos aerially & moves with a great deal of strength & flexibility. Some of the moves are Deadlifts, Iron X, Russian Split, Machine Gun just to name a few.

Pole Plus
Flex & Tone

This class we will help you improve on your strength & flexibility. You will be taught the fundamentals of how to get into some flexible moves for example: front & side splits bridges. Apart from flexibility, toning is also a great part of this class where we focus on your strength, learning basic moves of how to get into your handstand & forearm stands and not to mention it’ll be a great ab workout!

Flex & Tone is a great class if you’re looking to get that little bit of extra flexibility or strength for pole You do not need to be a pole dancer to benefit from Flex & Tone class – anyone can join in.

You may sign up for 8 weeks or come casually.

Pole Plus
Simply Splits

In this class we will focus on everything splits.

This class is for all levels where you will learn the stretches to get you down further into your splits than you ever thought possible.

We will also teach you the basic fundamentals of splits if this is your first time trying.

Focusing on side splits, middle splits, oversplits, everything splits.

You may sign up for 8 weeks or come casually.

Pole Plus
Lyra (Aerial Hoop)

No experience required & you don’t need to be a circus performer to learn some amazing aerial hoop tricks!

Our instructors will teach you how to safely enter & exit the Lyra, whilst also building the fundamental skills with each move.

Once you have learnt the fundamentals of Lyra you will learn some cool new tricks & even drops!

Pole Plus

Learn how to move around the base of the pole combining floorwork, body rolls & pole transitions with a dance choreographed by your teacher in her style!

Floorwork can focus on fluidity and sensuality which can make you move seamlessly from the pole.

Floorwork class can help you build a strong core & not to mention its a great workout!

Bring knee pads & heels 🙂