What do I wear? What to bring?

Please wear comfortable clothing with your arms and legs exposed. Singlet & shorts are suitable for beginners, some moves may require your legs on the pole to hold onto. Please bring a water bottle, however we also have water for sale in the studio.

If you are enrolled in Flex & Tone, Pilates or Conditioning classes, tights and a singlet are suitable for the class and please bring a yoga mat.

How many classes are in my course?

All courses are 8 weekly classes, each class runs for 1 hour. Once your class has been booked, you will remain in the same class for the rest of the term. You may enrol into more classes for a discounted rate. Please refer to ‘Pricing’ on the website.

How many people are in my class?

Each student will have their own pole to use throughout the class. The number of poles per room are as follows: Room 1 Upstairs: 10 poles, Room 2 Upstairs: 11 poles, Room 3 Downstairs: 12 poles

What happens if I can’t make it to my class?

If you are unable to make your enrolled class, you may catch up with the following options:

1. Catch up with another class of the same pole level or lower level.

2. Catch up during our allocated practice times (posted via facebook & newsletter)

3. Catch up in our Flex & Tone class

Please see front desk to sign the register.

Please note catch up classes can not be booked, it is a first come first serve basis. Missed classes do not roll over term after term, it is up to you to catch up all your classes in the same term.

Is it compulsory to perform in the End of Term Performance?

No. It is not compulsory for you to perform at our end of term performance night.

Students in our dance classes will have an opportunity to perform their fantastic routines with your class on our week 8 performance night (every Friday of week 8), you may invite your family, friends, guests to watch what you’ve been learning the past 8 weeks.

Don’t worry if you do not wish to perform on the night, performing on the night is not compulsory, nor does it mean that it is an requirement to move up levels.

Do classes still run on public holidays?

Yes classes run as normal on Public Holidays

Do I have to wear heels?

No it is not compulsory to wear heels. Some of our dance classes will be choreographed in different styles with heels, however if you do not wish to wear heels in class you do not have to.

Why am I slipping from the pole all the time?

If you are slipping on the pole with your hands or legs, there are grip products available for pole dancing. At Pole Pus we stock Dry Hands & Dew Point which are available for sale.

Always remember to keep moisturising your skin to a minimum on the day of your pole class.

What if I know I’ll be running late?

For safety issues, warm up is a crucial part of the class to aviod any injuries.

If you know you’ll be more than 10mins late, please reschedule your class for a catch up class.

How do I book into the classes?

Click on ‘Timetable & Pricing’ tab and click on the ‘Book Now’ button where you’ll be redirected to Bookeo.

Bookeo is our booking platform for all of our classes, you’ll be redictred to Paypal for payments.

If you do not have Paypal and would like to book into a class, please call the studio to book over the phone.

Can I pay by EFTPOS at the studio?

Yes we have EFTPOS facility in our studio, we accept Bankcard, Visa, Mastercard & Amex. There is no minimum spend or surcharges.

How do I know if the class I want to book into is full?

Please click on the ‘Book Now’ button located on our ‘Timetable & Pricing’ tab, where you’ll be redirected to Bookeo. All class availability, levels and teacher will be shown on our Bookeo website. Please see an example below.